[Mailman-Users] -request address behaviour

Thomas Bartke tom.b at audiohost.com
Wed Apr 3 00:24:09 CEST 2002


mailman is pre-installed on the dedicated server that we are using.

I have a problem getting the -request address of a new list to work. By
default, any mail that I send to the -request address ends up in the default
mailbox of the domain, and there is no reaction whatsoever from the mailing

I noticed that when I add a mailing list, the program automatically creates
mail-forwarders as
mylist-owner at mydomain.com  forward to: mylist-admin at mydomain.com

So, I manually added a forwarder as
mylist-request at mydomain.com  forward to: mylist-admin at mydomain.com

and that actually gets some reaction from the mailing list. Except some
commands - like help - result in an error message that is displayed before
the help page in the return e-mail.

Thomas Bartke
ThB.Music Services, Inc.
tom.b at audiohost.com

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