[Mailman-Users] Headers and why they suck

David jebva at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 7 08:24:56 CEST 2002

     The debate goes on I know, but here is exactly why these excessive
headers suck.  I want to set up a news list not a discussion list.  The
only person who will be able to post is the list owner.  I don't need
all the junk about how to post to the list on top of each mail since it
is WRONG for the setup in question.  Why the folks who designed this
are on such a power trip over something that damn near renders their
product useless is beyond me.
     I have tried the edits I have been given to nuke these absurd
headers but so far none of them work.  It would be of great benefit if
the whole thing was just taken OUT of he code altogether and let the
list managers set up message fronters/footers with what they want.  I
fail to see why something so simple has to be made into such a crappy
"feature".  Yeah I know quote some absurd SUGGESTED OPTIONAL compliance
standard to me.  It does not change the fact that what I am saying is

Thanks...  I feel much better now!

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