[Mailman-Users] Getting Member listing

Tod and Deanna Mascle todeanna at mis.net
Tue Apr 9 14:58:20 CEST 2002

Paul's method works just dandy except my e-mail program is slow and if your
list is large the e-mail is also.  What I've been doing to backup my lists
is view subscriber list with my admin signin from interface (making sure
that addresses are formatted to include the @, so I have to remember to make
that switch before hand) and just save the web page to my desk top. Then I
have a list of all subscribers.


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Subject: [Mailman-Users] Getting Member listing

> *** I added a subject line...which is a really nice thing for YOU to do so
> that people can follow the thread!
> Very easily
> Send a message to:
> [listname]-request at domain.com with a subject line of "who" (no quotes)
> Change [listname] to the name of your list and change the domain name
> This only works if you have the membership viewable by all...but what I do
> is make the switch...send the message and then switch it back really
> Paul
> At 10:47 AM 07/04/02, ksjones wrote:
> >Is there any way with mailman to get a list of all the subscribed email
> >addresses in text form instead of just the web admin pages.  It is easier
> >to review the list when I can have a couple of people look at the list
> >confirm the addresses.
> >
> >Thanks much

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