[Mailman-Users] list statistics

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Tue Apr 9 21:26:34 CEST 2002

I'll have to add size to it, but how's this for a start:

LISTNAM="your list name"
echo -n "Total post to the list $LISTNAM":
grep -i "post to $LISTNAME " ~mailman/logs/post |wc -l
echo " "
echo "Top 10 posters to the list:"
grep -i "post to $LISTNAM " ~mailman/logs/post |cut -f 10 "-d " | \
   sort |uniq -c |sort -r |head -10
This assumes that there are a weeks worth of logs in ~mailman/logs/post
I actually run the script on the file ~mailman/logs/post.1 - after the files
have been rotated.
You can, however, run it weekly before you rotate your logs.

If you want monthly stats then you will need to keep 5 weeks of logs.  I
rotate my logs weekly and number the logs as such:
  post - current log for postings
  post.1 - last weeks log for postings
  post.2 - postings from 2 weeks ago
  post.3 - postings from 3 weeks ago
  post.4 - postings from 4 weeks ago
  post.5 - postings from 5 weeks ago

Monthly (run on 1st of the month)
LISTNAM="your list name"
MONTH=`date -d "last month" "+%b"`
echo -n "Total post to the list $LISTNAM":
grep -i "post to $LISTNAME " ~mailman/logs/post* |wc -l
echo " "
grep -i "post to $LISTNAM " ~mailman/logs/post* |grep ":$MONTH " | \
   cut -f 10 "-d " |sort |uniq -c |sort -r |head -10

Jon Carnes
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> all,
> does anyone know of a plug-in or a hack to get statistics from a list? i
> looking for something that will generate a monthly / weekly report with
> things like: top 10 users, average daily message count, average message
> etc?
> anyone know of a feature to do this?
> thanks
> p.s. great software!!
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