[Mailman-Users] a few questions

Rama Kesava BVTS Rama.Kesava.BVTS at pamho.net
Tue Apr 9 13:37:00 CEST 2002


I'm considering switching a list of around 9,000 subscribers to Mailman.
Currently we are using eMerge and it's rather bad.

I had a few questions, that I hoped you could answer:

1) How large can the mailing list be? Is 9,000 too large? If not, is there a
way to tell Mailman not to send all the message all at once -- I am thinking
about this so that it all doesn't get bounced back saying "too many

2) Do the subscribers have to always confirm their subscription or can the
list owner do this on their behalf? (I am thinking here about
data-convertion, and also circumstances where people ask us to subscribe
them for us because they can't.)

3) If so, can we do a bulk-add then? Does the web-interface allow this?

3) Lastly can it be made so that the subscribers cannot reply to the list? I
believe this is called a closed list? (Our current list is one-way, so to
speak, and we wanted it to remain this way.)

I'd really appreciate it if you would be able to answer these questions for
me. Thanks in advance.

Rama Kesava

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