[Mailman-Users] mailman

Michal Marek Stefanczak michalst at student.matnat.uio.no
Tue Apr 9 15:51:51 CEST 2002

I have o small problem, and I hope you could help with it. Some days ago
I installed mailman (version 2.0.9), all things work well, besides one.
I have problemmes sending mail to users outside our network. (it has
nothing to do with our firewall). It seems that SMTP is parsing all
emails. It takes the part left to @ (username), and adds it to our
It looks like this:
my email is:
michalst at ifi.uio.no
If I register to one of the maillinglists, them this happens to my
michalst at localdomain.com , a 'localdomain.com' is added insted off my
original. I think that there is something wrong with the sendmail
configuration, but I haven't yet found it.
Do you know what i shall do??


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