[Mailman-Users] a few questions

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Wed Apr 10 07:14:07 CEST 2002

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002 12:37 +0100 
Rama Kesava BVTS <Rama.Kesava.BVTS at pamho.net> wrote:

> 1) How large can the mailing list be? Is 9,000 too large? If not, is
> there a way to tell Mailman not to send all the message all at once --
> I am thinking about this so that it all doesn't get bounced back
> saying "too many recipients".

Please see the FAQ:


> 2) Do the subscribers have to always confirm their subscription or can
> the list owner do this on their behalf? (I am thinking here about
> data-convertion, and also circumstances where people ask us to
> subscribe them for us because they can't.)

List-owners can subscribe addresses manually via the web interface or

> 3) If so, can we do a bulk-add then? Does the web-interface allow
> this?

Yes.  The CLI is more suited however.

> 3) Lastly can it be made so that the subscribers cannot reply to the
> list? I believe this is called a closed list? (Our current list is
> one-way, so to speak, and we wanted it to remain this way.)

Yes, tho 2.1 (currently in beta) handles this better than 2.0.

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