Jason Signalness jsignalness at btinet.net
Thu Apr 11 22:43:39 CEST 2002

I have a problem.  Some of the email being sent out by mailman (password 
reminders, etc.) are coming from an incorrect DEFAULT_URL.

For example, mail has a "from" field of dsl1234.bti.com, which is 
outdated.  It should be set to cyclend.org. The URL they are coming from 
is the same as the one specified in Defaults.py.

The problem is that I have overridden these variables in the mm_cfg.py. 
  For some reason, the values in mm_cfg.py don't seem to be taking affect.


Jason Signalness, Systems Administrator
Basin Telecommunications, Inc.
jsignalness at btinet.net (701)355-5727

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