[Mailman-Users] How to localize in a shared server environment?

Erich Schreiber lists at mmf.at
Fri Apr 12 14:09:46 CEST 2002

I'm on a shared server with no root access where the provider has set up
Mailman 2.0.8 for use with CPANEL 4.0.

I have created a read-only newsletter-type mailing list in this
configuration and want now to localize all the pages, default mails and
messages with direct user relevance (confirmation, welcome,
reminder-password, etc.) to German language and also partially adapt
them by dropping some options which we need not to give the users. And
as I do this for a customer, I want also translate and adapt the
Membership Management Page of the admin-interface too.

My questions:

1. While editing the HTML-code of the public pages, I see that I have to
replace most of the mailman propriety tags with direct references, as
some of them produce English output and/or do not fit into my formatting
scheme. The new pages seem to work, but I wonder if they won't break
when the hosting company decides to update Mailman to the next release,
as direct URI reference might perhaps change.

2. I can not or only partially change the confirmation, welcome,
reminder, etc. messages by prepending some text to them. Is it possible
to fully localize them and how is it done?

3. I see the last item on the General Options page of the admin
interface is 'Base URL for Mailman web interface'. Can I use this option
to move the pages of the web interface into the user space of my
account? I have probably sufficient Linux knowledge to do a full
installation of Mailman on our development server, if I need direct
access to some of the files to copy them, while I cannot even read them
in the shared environment.

4. Or is it possible to install a localized, or even better multilingual
version of the full Mailman package parallel to the server-wide
installation without help of the hosting company?

Erich Schreiber

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