[Mailman-Users] lack of sucjects, html and more

Seth H Holmes sholmes at route-fu.net
Tue Apr 16 18:53:27 CEST 2002

I have muddled through the list archives and the FAQ for mailman and have
not seen any indication as to a few concerns of mine.

I recently upgraded to Mailman 2.0.9 from... around 1.1 I think. (Talk
about being lazy.) So far, I like what I see. There are a few things I'd
like to be able to do which I have not determined whether or not they are

1) I want to either reject or hold for approval all messages submitted
   without a subject. I know mailman replaces a blank subject with "(no
   subject)" so there must be some hook in there somewhere. I have tried
   regular expressions such as:

	subject *: *$

   which, if my regexp-fu is correct, should catch blank subject lines.
   And they are not.

2) HTML mail is just wrong. I'd like to strip all HTML from postings
   leaving a plain text document. They may not be pretty put they get the
   message across.

3) Attachments to mailing lists are also wrong and suck up disk space. I'd
   like to find a way to strip attachments from posts and send them to
   either the bit bucket or a specific directory.

I have _no_ experience in python programming and I was lazy enough that I
just installed the Debian package for this. But I'm willing to put in the
effort to rid myself of these three headaches.

Thanks in advance for all advice.

Seth H Holmes
sholmes at route-fu.net	http://www.route-fu.net
sholmes at gbuonline.com	http://www.gbuonline.com
ICQ: 10085439	AIM: sholmes7443

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