[Mailman-Users] [FAQ?] customizing Mailman per list

Ron Brogden rb at islandnet.com
Wed Apr 17 02:48:37 CEST 2002

Howdy.  I definitely apologize in advance if the following are FAQs.  If they 
are, simply point me at the proper documentation and I will scuttle away and 
stop clogging the list with extra flotsam.


I am currently trying to sort out options for fully customizing Mailman on a 
per list basis.  The main bugbears at the moment are:


- lack of a site wide header/footer for each list when using the web interface
- lack of a customizable error screen for each list 


lack of customizable templates for each list

Adding a customizable header/footer for the CGI stage is probably not too 
nasty (theoretically this would just be a case of cloning any of the current 
template editing chunks and then just making the appropriate template call in 
all the relevant spots of the CGI section.  If someone has already done this 
and has some pointers, I would definitely appreciate them.

I tried creating a duplicate of the template directory and setting 
"template_dir" in the specific list's config file but Mailman will not let me 
override this value at this stage (grrrrrr).  I am wondering if a safe 
workaround would be to simply define a new variable in the per list config 
file and then just change the main templates to something like:


where "template_name" is a variable defined in the list's config file?  The 
one gotcha I guess would be that the variable would need to be recursive so 
it could plug in on the fly values as needed.

Anyone had any luck with this or have other suggestions on how to make 
Mailman for friendly for per list customization?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can send my way.




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