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Charles Sebold sebold at lcms.org
Fri Apr 19 14:31:58 CEST 2002

On 7 Iyyar 5762, Robin Becker wrote:

> Some people have kept private partial archives eg gnu nnml and suggest
> that this should be easy to convert to mbox form. I know little about
> the internals of Mailman, nnml or mbox can anyone suggest a plan?

[this part of the answer is off-topic to Mailman technically, sorry to
other readers]

As far as Gnus and nnml goes, the easiest thing to do would be to ask
the users with nnml archives to copy them to an nnmbox archive and send
that to you.  That is standard mbox format.  Then you don't have to do
any massaging of data.

In Gnus:

* Enter the mail folder using C-u RET
* M P b
* B c nnmbox:mbox

That (or something close to that, I didn't test it) should generate an
mbox archive, probably in the user's ~/mbox file.  Then they can just
gzip that and send it to you.  Note that you may have to strip
extraneous headers that Gnus added (not sure about that), but I'm
guessing you can accomplish that with a grep -v or something like that.
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