[Mailman-Users] Headers and why they suck

Barry A. Warsaw barry at zope.com
Fri Apr 19 17:08:07 CEST 2002

>>>>> "CVR" == Chuq Von Rospach <chuqui at plaidworks.com> writes:

    CVR> On 4/8/02 9:59 AM, "Dave Sherohman" <esper at sherohman.org>
    CVR> wrote:

    >> OK, I'll give you that List-Post: isn't applicable to your
    >> list.

    CVR> And I believe in 2.1, mailman won't include headers that
    CVR> aren't relevant to a list, so an announce-only list won't get
    CVR> list-post. Barry? Is that true? I know we talked about it.

Sort of.  There's actually no concrete notion of an "announce-only"
list; IOW, there's no switch to pull to say this is or isn't an
announce-only list.  In MM2.1, the way to do that is to

- turn on the moderation flag for all members

- set the default moderation action to discard (or hold if you don't
  want to be so strict/nasty).

- turn off the moderation flag for the members who are allowed to post

- add any non-members who are allowed to post to the "accept these
  non-members" list.

That having been said, MM2.1beta2 will have the following controls on
the List-* headers:

- if the site administrator allows it, you can suppress all the List-*
  headers for all messages.  For MM2.1beta2, I'm going to change the
  default to allow list owners to override the headers (the default
  used to be to not allow overrides).

- there will be a separate config option to include the List-Post:
  header.  Set this to No if you're running an announce-only list

- List-Archive: will only be added if your list actually has archives

- List-Id: will always be added for all messages (unless suppression
  of all rfc2369 headers is enabled).

- for non-administrivia messages (i.e. postings), List-Help:,
  List-Unsubscribe:, and List-Subscribe: will be added (unless
  suppression of all rfc2369 headers is enabled).

- for administrivia messages, those three headers will not be
  included, but an X-List-Administrivia: header will be added instead
  (again, unless all are suppressed).

I think that about covers all the bases, and should make everyone
happy (FLW).


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