[Mailman-Users] Topic Filters in 2.1b1

Sarah K. Miller techgrrl at beeze.com
Fri Apr 19 22:05:44 CEST 2002

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From: "Barry A. Warsaw" <barry at zope.com>
> >>>>> "S" == Spam  <techgrrl at beeze.com> writes:
>     S> I need help though. When subscribing new members to a list that
>     S> uses topic filters, I want the default to be that people
>     S> receive only those messages that have a topic and that they not
>     S> receive the rest. Right now, the default is that they not
>     S> receive any of the topics and not receive any of the
>     S> non-topics, meaning they get nothing at all!
> Ah, this is because by default, no user is subscribed to a topic, and
> there's no way for the admin to auto-subscribe users to a topic.  To
> further complicate things, the default is for users to not receive
> messages that match no topics.
> I've re-examined the topic stuff and I'm not entirely sure that we've
> got the semantics right for the defaults.  Would it help if, by
> default, a user were to receive all messages that don't match a topic?

I poked around a bit too. I think that in truth, by default everybody gets every message, unless they choose some topics, in which case they get only the topics. That works ok in theory.

However, right now, I can't get topics to work. I had 'em working, but now they're not. No matter what I do, I seem to get every post from a list that has topics, whether I've selected them or not. One of my many projects for the weekend is to try to at least isolate when/why it happens and go from there.

 -- Sarah

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