[Mailman-Users] CVS branches?

Ellen Spertus spertus at mills.edu
Sun Apr 21 02:52:30 CEST 2002

On Sat, 20 Apr 2002, Marc MERLIN wrote:
> Ok, if you are using 2.1, you *really* want to use CVS, not snapshots,
> unless they just came out.

I could use some advice here.  I took a snapshot because I'm making a lot
of my own changes to the code, i.e., adding dynamic sublists.  My
short-term goal is to do a user test real soon.  My long term goal is for
the changes to be incorporated into Mailman.  It seems my choices are:
- working from a snapshot (what I've been doing)
- getting my own CVS branch

Would you be willing to create a CVS branch for me (call it "mills") that
I can write my changes to, merging in fixes from the main branch?  (I am 
NOT asking for write permission to the main branch.)  Or perhaps you could 
suggest a better mechanism.



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