[Mailman-Users] another stupid question about mailman's mail handling

Jonathan Vanasco jvanasco at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 22 04:24:15 CEST 2002

first off -- thanks for both your responses.

second, re:
>Mailman sorts the target domains and then batches the list per the
>SMTP_MAX_RCPTS as previously noted.  Due to this target domains will be
>clustered.  Depending on whether the number of addresses within a
>specific target domain is modulo SMTP_MAX_RCPTS, there may or may not be

from the code i found in SMTPDirect, the only sorting is by tld - com net 
org edu and  'other' in the chunk function

is there another function doing some sort of sorting i'm missing?  I dont 
know much about postfix -- my only frame of reference right now is some 
experience w/the mail::bulkmail in perl that i mentioned earlier -- which 
would submit to smtp by secondary domains.   i think that either you're 
sayingan intelligent mta like postfix will do that all inhouse (say i submit 
  one at a.com two at a.com three at b.com -- one and two will go in the same 
envelope/queuefile and three till go in another) or we're talking about 
totally different things

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