[Mailman-Users] error 126

Ron Jarrell jarrell at vt.edu
Mon Apr 22 20:07:58 CEST 2002

At 11:18 AM 4/22/02 +0200, you wrote:

>But the strange thing is I think, that de installation procedure didn't
>build the wrapper file at all.
>Some-one from this list send me this file, but that didn't help.

Ok, what version of mailman are you running?  As I said in my message,
if you're running 2.1+ *there is no program called wrapper*.  If the install
didn't build it, then getting it from someone else is the wrong solution, either
your source tree is horrible corrupted at this point, or you're using the install
instructions for the wrong version!

>I did however change the error to this....?
>  ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
>"|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd test"
>    (reason: service unavailable)
>    (expanded from: <test-request at testserver.nl>)

Sendmail's smrsh either isnt' configured to use wrapper, or wrapper isn't there,
or isn't runnable.  

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