[Mailman-Users] lost messages gated to news?

Joshua Gould gould at cis.ohio-state.edu
Mon Apr 22 20:36:11 CEST 2002

Our news server had a disk that became full and the news server
throttled itself during this weekend. We use mailman to gate a few
mailings to news groups.

I've looked around, but it appears that messages gated to the news
server when it was throttled have been lost?? I've looked in the qdirs
and they are empty.

Mailman's logs seem contradictory.

from ~mailman/logs/error

Apr 22 10:22:02 2002 (14222) (ToUsenet) NNTP error for list "foo-list": 400 No space left on device writing article file -- throttling
Apr 22 10:22:02 2002 (14222) (ToUsenet) Message-ID: <mailman.1019485322.14222.cis655 at foo.com>

but at the same time ~mailman/logs/post states:

Apr 22 10:22:03 2002 (14217) post to foo-list from foo at cis.ohio-state.edu, size=566, success

I'm guessing that the gated messages have been lost, but why does one
log file note a success and the other a failure?


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