[Mailman-Users] List creation role per virtual domain?

Jan Stap jan at stap.mdcc.cx
Sun Apr 21 22:44:09 CEST 2002


I am setting up Mailman 2.1b1 at a server, where each user gets an 
account and a subdomain of the server domain. So, suppose the server 
is called server.domain.com, a user joe gets an account "joe" and is 
assigned the domain joe.domain.com. Joe has a home page 
http://joe.domain.com and may send and receive mail on 
<aliases of choice>@joe.domain.com. 

Further, Joe may create and maintain one or more mailing lists at 
joe.domain.com. Ideally, joe should enter his account password at the 
list creation web page, in order to be able to create a list.
With the multi-domain functionality of Mailman 2.1b1, a user may 
moderate his lists and change the lists configurations. List creation 
is however a central role, so each user has to ask the server admin 
to create a list for him, which does not scale very much. Am I 
overlooking a feature, or should I create a wrapper script around 
the create CGI script and adjust the list creation web page to get 
the desired result?
Thanks very much.
Jan Stap

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