[Mailman-Users] Multiple message types within a single list?

Graham Robinson graham at albionsoft.com
Mon Apr 22 14:52:07 CEST 2002


I'm looking for some advice. The scenario is that a client wants me to set 
up a mailing list (or several...) that they can use to keep in touch with 
subscribers to their services. They operate three different levels of 
service, and want to be able to send information specific to each level to 
only those individuals. They also want to be able to send some e-mails to 
everyone, but to allow people to choose which types of message they will or 
won't receive.

Now, I realise I could set this up with some combination of umbrella lists, 
but I can't see how to manage it without having the end users subscribed to 
several different lists, depending on their desires. Is there a better way? 
Any advice much appreciated.

Graham Robinson
graham at albionsoft.com

Albion Software Engineering Ltd.

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