[Mailman-Users] mail not gettin to the list

Susie Gibson sgibson at reachone.com
Mon Apr 22 15:25:04 CEST 2002

I am not getting the mail out to the list today- so far 2 messages for the
jewelry group, and 5 for the crafty christian group-
the archives do not show these messages as recieved at all. my settings seem
fine- is the server temporarily down???
I am getting email on the same addresses so it is not the web server....
any help is appreciated,smiles, and thanks susie g
Susie Gibson
sgibson at silverringartjewelry.com
The Crafty Christian Newslist
craftymom at silverringartjewelry.com
Susie G Jewelry Newslist
jewelrymom at silverringartjewelry.com
join info
Have a Blessed  day!!!

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