Fw: [Mailman-Users] Long delay for qrunner ?

Danny Terweij danny at terweij.nl
Fri Apr 26 23:39:45 CEST 2002

RE: [Mailman-Users] Long delay for qrunner ?

Hmm I wonder some thing...

My mailman linux server is behind a firewall.

MAIN-SERVER (xxx.yyy.com) (A)
MAILMAN SERVER (lnx.xxx.yyy.com) (B)

When some person sends an mail to test at lnx.xxx.yyy.com , the server (A) sends it to (B).
Webpages are get by http://lnx.xxx.yyy.com/ and Apache redirects it on (A) to http://xxx.yyy.com:81/. This last url is port forwarded from the router to http://internal-ip-server(B):80/ 

Outgoing mail from mailman :
SMTPDirect module to port 25 (sendmail)
Sendmail is configured to not deliver directly but send all mail to server (A). 

DNS master is (A) (outside requests and backup for internal LAN)
DNS slave is (B) (For internal LAN requests)

So i do not think it is an MTA DNS resolving stuff. Maybe i am wrong but all the DNS resolvings at above situation are on Server (A). Because there are the outgoing messages real processed for the internet. I see there the mx lookups and not on server (B).


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  Ok, I am also seeing that problem, below is an excerpt from the faq.  I am using sendmail for my MTA, how would I turn this off on my box? I looked in README.SENDMAIL and it didn't address it.


  Q. I'm getting really terrible performance for outgoing messages. It seems that if the MTA has trouble resolving DNS for any recipients, qrunner just gets really slow clearing the queue. Any ideas? 

  A. What's likely happening is that your MTA is doing DNS resolution on recipients for messages delivered locally (i.e. from Mailman to your MTA via SMTPDirect.py). This is a Bad Thing. You need to turn off synchronous DNS resolution for messages originating from the local host. 

  In Exim, the value to edit is receiver_verify_hosts. See README.EXIM for details. Other MTAs have (of course) different parameters and defaults that control this. First check the README file for your MTA and then consult your MTA's own documentation. 

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  > > Are messages going out from Mailman?  In otherwords, is 
  > qrunner stuck on 
  > one 
  > > or two messages? 
  > Every message is going out. But qrunner is very slow (or 
  > something else). 
  > With ps ax i see : 
  >  4609 ?        R     41:19 /usr/bin/python -S 
  > /var/mailman/cron/qrunner 
  > Danny. 
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