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John W Baxter jwblist at
Tue Apr 30 22:34:06 CEST 2002

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At 13:04 +0200 4/30/2002, Mihail Tsagidis wrote:
>As an administrator of a list only, how is it possible to change a password to
>a specific one of a user that you manually subscribe via web-interface?
>Because i would like to choose a specific (for all members equal password) for
>every one I manually subscribe (as a list admin).

I wrote:

Given that you do not have access to the command line tools or the Mailman
source, I think the best you can do is subscribe the users via the mail
interface, specifying the desired (constant) password.

I would use (Mac) Eudora "stationery" for that (where the stationery fills
in everything but the address being subscribed)...I don't know how to do it
in Outlook (which you used to send your message to the list).

Actually, I wouldn't use Eudora for the task, but a suitable web page which
can forge the appropriate mail message.  Forging what is needed in Eudora
would involve changing a "personality" for each outgoing message.

One of our list owners does exactly that for a couple of lists, so that
unsubscribing can also be done via her forms without password.


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