[Mailman-Users] Listserver Question

Richard Schaffner - Manchester rschaffner at gzea.com
Tue Apr 30 13:25:13 CEST 2002

I apologize for bothering you, but I have two quick questions.  I recently
changed Listserver packages and now use Mailman version 2.0.8.  In general,
I have found the package to be a significant improvements over other similar
Listserver packages.  Given my limited experience with computer systems, the
package is relatively easy to run and flexible and I sincerely appreciate
your contribution in putting this together.

Two questions, though:

1) I have set the Listserver to moderated format so that messages go to a
queue awaiting my approval.  This works well, but when I make revisions to
queued messages, those changes are ***not*** reflected on the messages
actually posted.  I am sure it must be a setting issue, but I have been all
over the site and have not been able to figure out how to fix this.

2) Is there a way I can block posts from certain addresses from ever
reaching the queue?


I. Richard Schaffner, Jr., P.G., C.G.W.P.
Technical Specialist, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. (http://www.gza.net)
Moderator, Bioremediation Discussion Group (http://bioremediationgroup.org)
E-mail: rschaffner at gza.com
Phone: 603.623.3600
Fax: 603.624.9463

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