[Mailman-Users] Crons don't run (Mailman & Htdig)

Sasa Janiska sjaniska at inet.hr
Mon Feb 4 15:39:48 CET 2002

On Today, -0000, Richard Barrett wrote:

> If searching of your lists is working from the list TOC page (the form
> added by the Mailman-htdig integration patch) how were the search indexes
> built if cron did not run nightly_htdig script. Did you run it
> nightly_htdig by hand from the command line or what.

Yes, I run it from the command line.

> what do you get out when you enter the following command (as root)?
>      crontab -u mailman -l

I get listing of croantab.in file.

> does the crontab contain a line that looks like this?
>      19 2 * * * /usr/bin/python -S /home/mailman/cron/nightly_htdig

Yet, I just changed the time to 30 10 ..

> are the zipped versions of the list archives being updated by the following
> crontab entry?
>      27 3 * * * /usr/bin/python -S /home/mailman/cron/nightly_gzip

In Defaults.py I have GZIP_ARCHIVE_TXT_FILES = 0, but now I see that in
crontab.in it is stated that it should be defined in mm_cfg.py.

Is this a problem?

Now, I just checked and see that the crontab file which was installed
today at 10AM, run at 10:30AM as specified in it.

However, only public archives is re-indexed, while private is not.

But, it's one step closer :-)

What to check next?


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