[Mailman-Users] html formated archives

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Tue Feb 5 21:45:28 CET 2002

MHonArc is easy to use an external Archiver (though it may not be easy to
setup...).  Once the Archive program is setup, you add the archiver as a
user on the list - from then on it collects posts and archives them.

Mailman comes complete with pipermail.  Pipermail is a nice/tiny archiver
that works great on text messages, but is utterly hopeless in the world of
Mime and html.  I believe v2.1 of Mailman will still come with Pipermail,
but folks still recommend that you install a stand-alone archive program
such as MHonArc if you do any serious archiving.

To find MHonArc, following the bouncing URL:

Jon Carnes
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Subject: [Mailman-Users] html formated archives

> folks,
> maybe my eyes are getting old. i've tried rtfm without success.
> i'm trying to find out if there is a way to view html formated
> messages in the mailman archives. i have seen the line in
> the mailman features page that states "there are hooks in mailman
> for external archivers such as mhonarc", however i could not
> find any documentation on how to access these hooks. any
> help or suggestions appreciated. i am running mailman 2.0.3
> on solaris 2.6. thanks in advance.
> daryl
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