[Mailman-Users] HTML formatting in digests

marina marina at reliance.it
Fri Feb 8 12:27:04 CET 2002

At 12:32 AM -0500 8/2/02 [dmy], you wrote about [Subject] Re: 
[Mailman-Users] HTML formatting in digests:
  >I think this may have something to do with HTML posts to the lists. I've
  >heard filtering for this will be an option in 2.1. In the interim,
  >www.exim.org (the MTA I'm using w/OpenBSD 2.9) uses Mailman 2.08 and manages
  >to ship decent digests. Maybe they'd be willing to give up the secret... As
  >soon as I get a round-to-it, I'll ask ;)

Thanks Delpy. Yes, it is related to users who do not turn off their 
HTML or RTF or other fancy formatting options.

I for one hate and damn the day when somebody thought of adding this 
"feature" to e-mail. Unfortunately, it's now common practice on the 
Internet and we must live with it.

As my example demonstrated, even people on this mailing list 
(inadvertently or not) post their messages in HTML format, and even 
the Mailman distribution used by [Mailman-Users] doesn't use any of 
the patches we cannot use (even if we wanted to).

As you point out, I too have heard rumours that 2.1 may include this 
fix. That would indeed be wonderful news we could convey to our many 
disgruntles members. Does anybody know for sure, is this true or not.

Many thanks,


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