[Mailman-Users] Using aliases

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Mon Feb 11 13:38:24 CET 2002

At 10:28 11/02/2002 -0200, Giovanni P. Tirloni wrote:
>   I've recently installed Mailman on one of our servers and everything
>  works just fine except for one thing. I created a list
>  test at listas.bs2.com.br and that works but if I create an alias
>  test at bs2.com.br forwarding to test at listas.bs2.com.br and post to that
>  alias Mailman holds my post for approval but if I post to the list
>  itself (test at listas.bs2.com.br) it won't hold. What could this be ?

When you go to the Administrative requests page of the admin web gui why 
does it say it is holding the posting??

If you go to the Privacy options page of the web admin gui and look at the 
first option under the 'Spam specific posting filers' you will probably 
find that the setting for 'Must posts have list named in destination (to, 
cc) field (or be among the acceptable alias names, specified below)' is 'yes'.

That is probably why, when the post comes via another list, it is being 
held: the list is not explicitly in the To field.

Try putting the umbrella list in the next field 'Alias names (regexps) 
which qualify as explicit to or cc destination names for this list'.

>Thanks in advance,
>  --
>  Giovanni P. Tirloni
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