[Mailman-Users] mail

Subhasis Mahapatra subhasis at iopb.res.in
Tue Jan 8 13:33:29 CET 2002


I am very new in this.
I configure Mailman just 2 days back.

I am able to creat a list as "test" and add member to that. If any of
thise member is sending a mail to that "test" list all of them should get
it, no one is able to get that. 

However all the members are able to get "Test digest, Vol 1 #1 - 6
msgs" and this contains all the messages that the members of that list

Waht could be the problem....
Please help me, thanks in advance.
With Best Regards,
Subhasis Mahapatra
Institute Of Physics,BBSR. 

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