[Mailman-Users] List subscription emails dateless.

C. Bensend benny at bennyvision.com
Wed Jan 9 03:12:33 CET 2002

Hey folks,

	Just a quick question for people a bit more
familiar with the source code for Mailman...  I just
set up a new list (I've run Mailman in a previous life)
that I've moved into production.  Everything is working
perfectly, except for one little annoyance.

	The emails that go out to list admins when someone
subscribes arrive without a Date: header.  Mind you, it's
simple enough to check the full headers of the message,
but it's nice to have it specified.  I _think_ this is an
issue (not problem) with Mailman, but it could be something
weird with the way Mailman delivers to QMail on localhost.

	Could someone point me to the code that generates
these emails, so I can write a patch for it?  It's _not_
a problem in my eyes, just one of those things I think
would be nice.  :)


Mailman 2.0.8
QMail 1.03

Thanks folks!


ps:  It's perfectly possible I don't have something specified
correctly within QMail that prevents this, but I don't see
this with any of the other hundred emails that show up for me
in a day.

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