[Mailman-Users] mail coming from different hostname than specified

Terry Davis tdavis at birddog.com
Wed Jan 9 22:02:35 CET 2002

I use sendmail.  I have the hostname and fqdn lists.domain.com in my Fw 

If it was masquerading all mail out with this hostname, then all my 
email would say it was from user at hostname.domain.com rather than 
user at domain.com  like it is now.

Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:

> Richard Idalski wrote:
>>WOuld this not be more of a problem with either your MTA's aliases file, or
>>with your MTA's configuration file tacking the wrong name on there? For
>>instance if you're running sendmail check your sendmail.cf file to see what
>>it has, or if you're running postfix chekc the main.cf file. Not sure if
>>that would have any bearing, but worth a look.
>     That would be more with the MASQUERADING option, rather than the alias
> file, but yes it's entirely possible his MTA is masquerading all outgoing email
> - that was my next suggestion.
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