[Mailman-Users] bounce message issues

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Wed Jan 16 18:51:27 CET 2002

"Clayton, Robert (Bob)" wrote:

> It seems to me there would be a less convoluted way of handling these. As it stands now the nomail is qualified by x times per hour for y amount of days. Seems very inefficient

    You can always change them. :)  The reason I agree with the current setup is that sometimes someone's server just goes offline for a while, and if during that period x messages get send in an hour, we don't necessarily want to set them instantly to nomail - but rather let it "slide"...  However, if they stay down for y days, then we'll change them.

    Keep in mind that your MTA also contributes to this time frame.  For example, if you were running sendmail, and if the bounce message was just a time-out, or host rejected (not unknown user, or other fatal error), sendmail will by default retry messages for a while (several days at that) - factor this in with the way mailman decided when to change someone's subscription, you may end up with messages in the queue that are several days, maybe
weeks old before anything gets done with them.

    I personally have changed both my outbound MTA to report back after 6 hours, and to cancel after 48 hours, as well as mailman.  It now changes people's subscription in a more aggressive mode (as opposed to the default settings).

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