[Mailman-Users] Messages and web pages translation; Remotely creating Lists

Lafleur Maurice MLAFLEUR at cegep-heritage.qc.ca
Mon Jan 28 18:43:33 CET 2002


I finally get every thing under control and I am getting ready to deploy MM
for many mailing lists. One of them is for a French language college and
they need their interface for users (and eventually for administrator too)
to be translated to French. 

I was able to translate some of it by modifying the HTML using the admin
page , but some of it comes from elsewhere. My question is where? Where in
the code can I modify, for example button faces, so they show their purpose
in another language. Some messages are canned too and I would like to modify
them. Is there a central point where all messages and button faces are kept?

Secondly, I was asked if lists could be created remotely through the web
instead of using a login to the server?

Thank you

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