[Mailman-Users] Help, Urgent!!! Massive emails...

Ramon F. Tecolt G, rtecolt at uiagc.pue.uia.mx
Tue Jan 29 17:02:15 CET 2002

Hi everybody.....
I have mailman running on a Solaris 8 server... and i have 3 lists; all 
of them are with posting restrictions until approval; just me and 
another account can post without approval.
When I send messages to any list, i still requiring approval... this is 
my first trouble.
The second, is if someone sends an email to the list, the message of 
"pending authorization" is sent to everybody suscribed to the list ( i 
have this trouble on the 3 lists). It is suppossed to be just to the 
sender, isn't it?
I read the FAQ, i tried many different configurations on the admin 
interface and directly on mm_cfg.py and Defaults.py; and i still have 
the problems... someone can help me? does someone have had this problems?

thank you ppl. i'll really appreciate any help you can give to me...

famous programmer quotation: "strange"
Ramon F. Tecolt G.
Network Manager & Webmaster

Universidad Iberoamericana Golfo Centro
Direccion de Informatica - Coordinacion de Operacion
Blvd. del Niño Poblano No. 2901
Unidad Territorial Atlixcayotl, 72430
Puebla, Pue.

Voice: +52 (222) 229 07 00, ext. 589
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EMail: rtecolt at uiagc.pue.uia.mx
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