[Mailman-Users] Reply-To option, Author Name and Archives

Chris Wiegand chrisw at signalbhn.org
Fri Jun 14 17:35:02 CEST 2002

Okay, I have a question on this topic:

Here, all of my users are Windows users, and non-technical ones at that.
I read on that sourceforge page:

> For the remaining people who do not want two copies and can't remove 
> duplicates on their side, the next version of mailman will allow on a 
> per user basis, to not receive a copy of a post if you were already 
> Cced in the mail headers.

So, where is this feature in 2.1? I'd love to play with it, if I can.
Most of my users are in the habit of using Reply All already, but there
are some who just don't. The whole Reply-To modification isn't quite as
big of a deal to us as some sites, however, we use Mailman to document
our interactions with clients, and making it easier for our users to use
it scores me big points. If a user could opt out of Cced emails to them,
however, I could turn the munging off (not that I consider it bad, the
From: line still stays the same...)

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On Tue, Jun 04, 2002 at 01:09:02AM -0400, Topaz11green at aol.com wrote:
While there seems to be a bug, note that:

> Since this is a discussion list, it's useful to have the "Reply-To:" 
> option
> set up as "This List."
Note that this is a common misconception.
It's all between the brain and the fingers...
Very few  of us  use the reply-to  munging misfeature, so  it's not  as
well tested.

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