[Mailman-Users] Oneuser refuses to bounce

William Waggoner greybeard at pobox.com
Wed Jun 19 05:10:13 CEST 2002

I've got one list running that has about 450 members.  In a population that size one would expect a few bounces.  I've monitored the bounce log and I find that people bounce occasionally just as expected.  But I seem to have one user that refuses to bounce.

What I see is the address show up in the log as "First fresh" and the counter and timer (five days) start to count down.  But later, at a point I haven't been able to pinpoint, they show up again as "First fresh" and the counter and timer restarts!  The result is that they continue to bounce but get another five days.  This one address has been bouncing for several weeks.

Now, clearly, I could simply disable the account, set it to nomail, and be done with it.  What I'd rather do is to find out what makes this one reset before it is done timing out.

Anybody have any ideas?

Bill W
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