[Mailman-Users] password input

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Tue Mar 5 15:49:30 CET 2002

This will be an option in the next version.  You will be able to setup lists 
that do not use passwords.  If you want that functionality now, then you'll 
have to apply one of the many patches that do it, or you'll have to modify 
the source yourself.

I don't know where to find any of the patches (and ironically I've written a 
few of them...), but if you search the archives or do a google search you 
will undoubtedly find one you like.

Jon Carnes

 --- Original Message: Tuesday 05 March 2002 09:25 am ---
> Hello,
> Is it possible for a user to subscribe to a mailman ver.2 list without
> including a passwort into his webbased request?
> TIA,
> Mihail Tsagidis

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