[Mailman-Users] DRAC And Mailman

Ian Scott ian at pairowoodies.com
Wed Mar 6 02:46:41 CET 2002

I realize this might be a bit off topic; but perhaps others running Mailman
have run into this problem.

Something strange has happened!  I've had Mailman running on our mail server
for quite some time, along with DRAC, QPopper and Sendmail.  Everything
worked great.

In January, I thought I had added just one line to my sendmail.mc file to
experiment with the 'blacklist_recipients' Feature in Sendmail.  However, I
must have done something else as well.

Now, when someone sends mail to a Mailman list, it appears that it is being
rejected 'Relaying Denied'.  I am thinking the Drac rules are not allowing
mail from localhost even though I have localhost in my /etc/mail/access

Anyone have any ideas here?  Am I missing some Local Ruleset in my sendmail

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