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Marc MERLIN marc_news at vasoftware.com
Sun Mar 10 04:14:39 CET 2002

On Sat, Mar 09, 2002 at 08:20:52AM -0800, alex wetmore wrote:
> > No. The mail  client sends a  copy to the  author, mailman can't  stop that.
> > However, if the mail client is mutt, or some similarily enlightened MUA, you
> > can use list  reply to, and if  you insert a Mail-Followup-To,  you can clue
> > the client to have reply to all only reply to the list.
> Mailman could look at the To and Cc lines of the message and make sure
> it doesn't sent to members which are listed on those lines.  This
> would result in each person getting one copy, either from the list or
> from the sender who hit "reply to all".
That's  what I  was saying,  it's  an option  Ben  wrote and  that just  got
included in mailman cvs
> There would be a downside to this.  The to line could be spoofed if
> you wanted to send something to the list and prevent it from going to
> a particular sender.

The option  is not  automatic, it's per  user, so you  choose which  one you
If  you have  a clue  and you're  on unix,  you can  use procmail  to remove
duplicates on your side.

> Ideally this would be a per-client setting.  A lot of email systems
> will delete duplicate emails with the same Message-ID so someone who

Really? I wasn't aware of that.
(I think that  very few Email systems  do this. Exchange is the  first one I
hear of  that does that according  to what you  say. This is by the  way not
necessarily something you  want. If I bounce you a message  of mine that you
lost, you'll never receive the copy)

> is on the To line and on the list doesn't see the message twice
> anyway.  My email comes into an Exchange 2000 Server which I access
> using Pine over IMAP.  Exchange deletes the duplicates, and Pine is

Mmmmhh, why do I have outlook users whining that they can't handle the fact
that they were receiving dupes and that they had no way (they said) to
remove them.
Granted, all of them don't use exchange, but...

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