[Mailman-Users] Delivery failure 'Domain not found'

Paul de Weerd paul at mail.me.maar.nu
Sun Mar 10 11:37:39 CET 2002

Hi list,

We've recently moved our list to mailman. Unfortunately some addresses
on the list fail, but mailman tries to send it anyway every 5 minutes
resulting in a mail from postfix to the postmaster each 5 minutes for
one week, totalling 2016 mails per failed address per mail to the

Of course I could change the postfix configuration to not send mail on
failed mails, but I'd prefer to fix mailman not to try and send e-mail
to domains it can't find the first time - if an MX record for a domain
is not found, delete the user from the list and don't try again.

Currently our list is quite low volume, but I'd rather not have
postfix deny a couple of thousand mails each day when the list grows
more active.

Any thoughts ?


Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd


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