[Mailman-Users] News to Mail gateway setup

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Tue Mar 12 07:22:05 CET 2002

 --- Original Message: Monday 11 March 2002 10:57 pm ---

> > Use a separate program to gate the news into the mailing list, and 
> > have the program use a specific user as the sender (or actually 
> > the forwarder of the message).  This is they way I currently do 
> > it at one of the sites I admin.
> What software are you using at that site?

Another of my many home-grown scripts.  This one monitors the News spools and 
gates any new article (without a Mailman header) back into the mailinglist.  
I'll be happy to share it with anyone who has an interest.

> > Modify the Source Code so that the News-to-Mail gateway adds a special
> > header to signify approval - then modify the approval module to look for
> > that special header (then strip it out) and auto-approve the message.
> > Sounds hard, but in reality we're talking about 4 lines of inserted code
> > here.
> Guess I should read that python book I've been meaning to read.

Or just dive in and play with the existing code - make sure you back up your 
install first!  

Good Luck,

Jon Carnes

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