[Mailman-Users] Simple question about archive times...

Dirk H. Schulz dirk.schulz at multibyte.de
Wed Mar 13 20:34:46 CET 2002

At 14:21 13.03.2002 -0500, you wrote:
>How can I configure this?

Go to the administration page, select "Archival Options", on that page it 
is the third option.

>ATM it looks as though its configured by the
>posted mail time, I'd like to change this to time on the mailman server. Can
>anyone give me a clue on how to do this?

See above.


>Richard Idalski
>919.829.4805 (office)
>AIM: Ryusonuke
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>Hi Richard,
>At 11:04 13.03.2002 -0500, you wrote:
> >I think I just need a little bit of enlightenment here. When viewing the
> >archives for some of my lists I'll see the times as UT ( Thu, 7 Mar 2002
> >16:04:58 UT ), an other times like this : ( Tue, 5 Mar 2002
> >12:03:05 -0500 ).  I'm not seeing any consistency as to why it sometimes
> >assigns the UT, and other times the -500. Can anyone tell me how I can make
> >all the archive times match, either all UT, or none UT?
>You can configure the time to be taken from either the posted mail (differs
>as much as the computers in the world are configured differently) or from
>the mailman server when receiving the time.
>If you look into the archives of the mailman user list, there are already
>postings dated from the year 2006 ....
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