[Mailman-Users] still need help - filter/alias problem

danix danix at cloud9.net
Fri Mar 15 20:09:03 CET 2002

I've narrowed things down I think.

I am seeing posts fail to lists that look like this in the alias file:
quattro:            "|/home/mailman/scripts/post quattro"

but not these:
marketplace:             "|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post marketplace"

The obvious answer is to use filter, but the top of the file says:
# This aliases file contains only aliases for mailman.
# This file should be owned/grouped mailman
# All contents will be run by postfix as the mailman user
# so note that wrapper is no longer needed
# 1/16/2002

(Someone helped me with postfix migration and I recall that he recompiled 
mailman at that time.)

I've already rebuilt mailman with:
configure --with-mail-gid=mailman

I've also run:
python -c'import os; print os.getgid()' 
which returns "100", which matches mailman in /etc/group.

Suggestions please?  I've got over 2000 users who have been down for almost 
24 hours now.


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