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Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Tue Mar 19 15:40:44 CET 2002

On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 06:12:35PM -0500, Farid, Tarek wrote:
> I have installed mailman recently on a RH 7.2 linux server with postfix
> as my mta. Created a test list. I can get to it fine with my web
> browser, except for the public archives (pipermail)! This is my first
> problem. 

Did you add the Alias to you webbrowsers config?
- Configure your web server to point to the Pipermail public
  mailing list archives:

  For example, in Apache:

  Alias /pipermail/ $varprefix/archives/public/

  where $varprefix is usually $prefix unless you've used the
  --with-var-prefix option to configure.

> My second and main problem is that when I post to the list I get the
> following error:
> Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; Command died with status 2:
>     "/var/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd test". Command output: Failure to
> exec
>     script. WANTED gid 12, GOT gid 99.  (Reconfigure to take 99?)

I've allready seen this error, but it's was months ago.
Check this:
- Is /var/mailman/ and every files/dirs in it owned by mailman.mailman?
  If not, make a 'chown -R mailman.mailman /var/mailman' (as root)
- Is /var/mailman/ set gid? If not make a 'chmod g+w mailman.mailman'
- Are the cronjobs in user mailman's crontab? If not, 'su mailman' and
  'cd ~/cron' and 'crontab crontab.in'
- Is wrapper linked to /mta-exec-dir/? If not make as root 'cd
  /mta-exec-dir' and 'ln -s /var/mailman/mail/wrapper wrapper'

And if it was one of the problems above, read docs next time.


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