[Mailman-Users] digester not being mailed, and admin not getting notice of disablings

Adam Curtin adam-mailman at quacky.co.uk
Thu Mar 21 20:50:14 CET 2002


We migrated a 300-user list from majordomo at another site, to our server 
with mailman (on linux & qmail).

All is great, except for two problems with bouncy addresses:

1) even though it's set to "disable and notify me" when the bounciness is 
exceeded, it disables but *doesn't* notify me. As you can imagine, this is 
a problem for subscribers with temporary faults;

2) a digester who was disabled in this way, complained, and who I 
un-disabled, has now reported that they haven't received any digests since 
that time (over a week).

I poked around in the mailman logs, and can't see anything that indicates 
why. The qmail logs show that mailman has not attempted to send mail to 
the user since the disablement - though it records my mail sending him an 
apology, so it's not like qmail doesn't like him.

Any ideas? Any more investigation I can do?


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