[Mailman-Users] problems with confirmation

Ryan Hagan ryan at pacificommultimedia.com
Fri Mar 22 21:26:25 CET 2002


I just had a similar problem with 2.0.8 and postfix running on 
debian.  First, check your $prefix/logs/error file and look for something 
that looks like an access violation on your *.db files.  If you see that, 
or even if you don't, try checking the owner and groups of that file.  It 
should be accessible by user "mailman".  Just try reading that file as the 
mailman user.  If you can't, there's a permission problem.  The problem I 
had was that the user mailman was not a member of the group 
"mailman".  Oops.  Good luck, hope that helps.

At 12:17 PM 3/22/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>I have upgraded Mailman to v. 2.06. I created a list and then tried to
>subscribe. I get the request for confirmation back. When I send the
>confirmation, I get no reply back. I have looked in my mail log and it
>appears that it has been sent, yet I never receive anything. I also tried
>sending a message to the list to see if that would go through,even though my
>subscription did not go through, and I don't receive anything back to let me
>know there is a problem.
>I am using Postfix with Procmail and Solaris 7
>Christopher Adams
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