[Mailman-Users] A little help please?

Barb Lange blange at getmehosted.com
Fri Mar 22 04:09:30 CET 2002


I have searched the MailMan site to no avail. :(

This is a transcript we received from a member:

======Original Message================

After just a few hours, my mailing list is plagued by spam, and just
deleting it will take valuable time each day. I received a hint that
reconfiguring MailMan as follows to use discard as the default setting on
adminstrative tasks will simplify deletion of spam. Can you make this change
or advise me where and how to do it? Many thanks in advance. 

> buttons.AddRow([Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.DEFER, 1)), 

> Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.APPROVE, 0)), 

> Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.REJECT, 0)), 

> Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.DISCARD, 0)), 

> ]) 

> to 


> buttons.AddRow([Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.DEFER, 0)), 

> Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.APPROVE, 0)), 

> Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.REJECT, 1)), 

> Center(RadioButton(id, mm_cfg.DISCARD, 0)), 

> ]) 


Could you just point me in the right direction to address this member's

Thank you, so much, for your time.


Barb Lange
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