[Mailman-Users] Re: namespace per virtual possible?

Jim Popovitch jimpop at rocketship.com
Sat Nov 2 17:39:41 CET 2002

> -----Original Message-----
> It is possible with multiple installations of MM, but I think the
> original sender (and me) wants to know how this could be done
> with one installation. Is there a cook book for this problem?
> MANY thanx for any hints,
>    ++ralph

Hi Ralph, it is very possible (and do'able) with only 1 MM installation.  I
currently do it for 3 domains with MM 2.0.11, Apache 1.37, and Sendmail
8.12.  You have to setup Apache and Sendmail for virtual domains.  Each MM
list needs to be setup with the correct Base URL, etc.

Hints: Search on Google for "Apache Virtual Domains" and "Sendmail Virtual
Domains".  ;)

-Jim P.

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