[Mailman-Users] Mailman Virtual Hosting - my findings

Stonewall Ballard sb.list at sb.org
Wed Nov 6 02:04:03 CET 2002

On 11/5/02 5:22 PM, "Michael" <info at lashampoo.com> wrote:

> I run my own server with several virtualhosts on it. I try to figure
> out, how to change the base URL of lists hosted on my virtualhosts.
> Every time a new list is created on a virtual host, the default URL is
> set back to the main server again, instead of the virtualhost, hosting
> that list. Only the email refering to that virtualhost is properly
> handled on the web pages and in the messages.

Are you adding an add_virtualhost() call for each domain in your mm_cfg.py

I had similar problems until I added a domain this way before I created a
list in the domain.

 - Stoney

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