[Mailman-Users] RH7.3 and sendmail 8.x problem

peter schoch pschoch at sussex.cc.nj.us
Wed Nov 6 01:13:08 CET 2002

Ok, I've done some work...

>If it's not the cron, then:
>- have you setup a smrsh link to the wrapper >program (does your MTA use

The mailman does send out confirmations of subscribing to the list.  It just doesn't send out the mail messages.

>- is your MTA listening on every port or on >limited ports?
>netstat -na | grep ":25 "

It is listening.  It archives all messages sent to the list!  It just won't send them back out.  I have tried to alter senmail's relaying by adding the domains of the subscribers, etc. but to no avail.  (Yes I did restart sendmail.)

>Make sure that it accepts mail sent to localhost >on port 25 (that means
>also check out your local firewall rules!).

I have minimal rules now to try and get this to work.

>Have you looked at the log files for Mailman. They >might give you some
>information on what is going on.

I have no files in ~mailman/logs/ directory.

>BTW: what the heck is "linux 7.3"? Is that Red Hat >Linux version 7.3?

Sorry, I was (and am) a bit frazzled as to why this is not working.  It is Red Hat 7.3.

Peter Schoch
Good Luck - Jon Carnes 

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